Anna Great Manicure


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Infomation: Anna Frozen is going to a party tonight and she has already chosen all the accessories, dress, hairstyle and all she needs. But Anna now needs a manicure to have a truly beauty look all around. For that she is inviting you to join her at the nail salon to help her select the most beautiful nail polish color. Join her in the Anna Great Manicure game and begin the most amazing manicure for Anna Frozen and I am sure she will get many compliments at the party. Start the Anna Great Manicure by washing her hands and rinsing, heal the blisters and rashes, cut the cuticles and file the nails. She already looks better so next select the nail polish color and some cute patterns. You can pick also stickers with Frozen theme and many accessories such as rings and cute bracelets. I hope you have a great time playing Anna Great Manicure!

How to play: Use mouse to play the game