Anna Frozen Flu Doctor


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Infomation: Pour little Ana has gotten herself in an unfortunate accident and she has completely frozen. Help her sister Elsa to make her feel better. First of all you will have to completely defrost her, so use a heater to do this. Check her heart beats with a stethoscope and make sure everything is in order. Use a thermometer to see her body temperature. Her coughing is really bad and her throat is sore, a spoon of coughing syrup will cure this. Elsa needs to make sure that Anna’s oxygen level is perfect and she can do this with an oxygen mask. Whenever she sneezes, she gets a little bit more colder and layers of ice form around her, so use a hairdryer to warm her up. Anna will finally feel a lot better thanks to your care. Good luck playing Anna Frozen Flu Doctor!

How to play: Use your mouse to play.